Vaga Servisu - Local Governance Advisor Viqueque - PARTISIPA


Dili, Timor-Leste with possibility of travel to municipalities



Regian 2 – Local Governance Advisor Viqueque


Position Category

Locally Engaged Staff – applicants must have existing right to live and work in Timor-Leste.  Visa support is not available for this role. 

Program Background

The Partnership to Strengthen Village Development and Municipal Administration (PARTISIPA) is a 10-year Australian Government investment (2021-2031) that supports the Government of Timor-Leste to improve access and quality of basic infrastructure and services at the subnational (municipal, administrative post and suco / village) level. PARTISIPA works together with Government of Timor-Leste partners through government systems, and in-line with government policies and priorities.


The overall program goals are:

  • To strengthen government institutions to deliver quality services that are accessible to all;
  • To support the resilience of communities through broad-based participation, economic opportunity, and improved village infrastructure


These overall goals are advanced through the following four program components:

  1. Support to PNDS (Programa Nasional Dezenvolvimentu Suku or National Program for Village Development)
  2. Municipal level support
  3. Rural water
  4. Subnational roads


Further details about PARTISIPA are available in the project summary sheet, which can be downloaded from the link below:



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The Role

  • Local Governance Advisor to provide technical support to Municipal authorities in carrying out functions or competencies that have been decentralized by the central ministries in relation to the provision of public services. Technical assistance provided covers support to municipal development plans, annual action plans, municipal investment plans, human resources capacity building plans and municipal budget execution including services in relation to sector coordination.
  • Local Governance Advisor as the manager and coordinator of the Municipal Support Team (MST) at the Municipality level, provides strategic support and coordination to the Municipal Support Team (MST) to ensure the provision of technical assistance provided to partners effectively, efficiently and in quality.

Click on the link or copy paste it to access the full Terms of Reference for this position:

Password: zgMqAY2J


About You

  • Bachelor's degree or post-graduation in relevant areas ( international development, community development, public administration, public policy, financial management or equivalent area).
  • Relevant experiences for at least three to five years in decentralization, planning, management, public administration, with a deep understanding of the community development context in Timor-Leste.
  • Experience working with, or supporting the Government of Timor-Leste.
  • Have experience in capacity building and knowledge transfer activities to government partners.
  • Have experience in coordination, planning and budgeting in the context of municipal development.
  • Have excellent communication skills in Tetum or Portuguese.


PARTISIPA is a friendly, cohesive and supportive workplace with over 130 staff working as technical advisers, engineers, finance specialists, operations, administration and logistics personnel. The team works directly with national government counterparts and subnational government partners across all municipalities, with staff permanently based in 12 municipalities.

Applications can be submitted to



  1. Your CV
  2. A cover letter addressing each of the essential and desirable selection criteria (no more than 3 pages)


June 30th, 2024 – 5pm Dili time (GMT+9)

DT Global is committed to child protection and safeguarding the welfare of children in the delivery of our international development programs. We are committed to Safety and the Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH), and bribery prevention. DT Global is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage women, men, people with diverse backgrounds and people living with disabilities to apply. This program is funded by the Australian Government and managed by DT Global.

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